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Rooftop Platforms

A rooftop platform allows you to easily create safe access over pipes and other rooftop obstacles. Special support feet distribute weight to prevent damage to roof membranes. You can select the parts needed to create your own specially configured U-Design rooftop platform by following the steps below.


  • • Aluminum, 1”x2“ rectangular tube construction
    • Clearance height is 2.5” less than platform height
    • 500 lb. rated capacity
    • 36” wide steps and bridge spans
    Download the Crossover Spec Sheet• Grip Strut tread surface
    • Non-Penetrating Caddy feet - distributes weight
    evently to protect roof surface
    • 42” guardrail height
    • 40” long bridge span that can be combined to
    create up to 120” uninhibited clearance length
    Download the Crossover Spec Sheet Configurator - Build your custom design

Rooftop Walking Platforms

Rooftop Walking PlatformFor when you just need to create a safe walking area, the adjustable-height walking platforms are perfect. Combine the walking platforms together to create a larger surface area. Please note that these platforms CANNOT be joined to the crossover components below.


  • • Aluminum construction
    • Clearance height is 3” less  than platform height
    • 500 lb. rated capacity
    • Adjustable height range from 11“-14”
    • 36“x36” Grip Strut platform
    • Non-Penetrating Caddy feet - distributes weight evently to protect roof surface
    • Combine platforms to create desired length/span
    • Meets OSHA & ANSI standards



Create the Perfect Rooftop Platform For Your Application in 3 Easy Steps,
Thousands of Possible Configurations

Step 1 Select the ladders by Height and Incline udesign crossover platformsChoose the right ladders by determining your required height clearance, then select the ladder that has a greater clearance height from the table at right. U-Design also offers ladders in three different inclines to accommodate different available floor spaces.

Select the Bridge Span PlatformsBridge spansThe 20” and 30” bridge spans can be repeated or combined to create spans up to 90” long. Choose the combination of spans to exceed your required clearance width.

Select the  Configuration udesign configurationsTurn platforms allow you to create various configurations other than a straight crossover. These configurations and the number of turn platforms required are shown to the right.

Start designing your custom layout with the configuration program

New UDesign Configurator